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Tonight in Washington DC

Saturday July 26th
Electronic Saviors artwork

Electronic Saviors 3 ~ Remission

Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer is a project that was born in 2008 when industrial scene promoter, musician and dj, Jim Semonik was diagnosed with a very deadly form of stage 2B cancer. Through an intense regiment of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery by top doctors, Jim beat the disease and created one of the most talked about projects in the current industrial scene.

Between ES Volume 1 released in 2010 and ES Volume 2 released in 2012, this project has raised $39,000.

Jim was declared cleared of cancer in September of 2013 and all the while was working on volume 3. More artists jumping on board to be a part of this cause brought the total of artists for the compilations to over 230. A 4 disc set and Premium Edition for Electronic Saviors Volume 3 was just released June 10th, 2014.

And now with your support, we celebrate the newest release as we watch the proceeds and donations continue to grow. The money raised through this project goes to great charities that continue to help other patients fight their battle with cancer.


A handful of local acts are featured on ES3, and some of them will be here to show their support. Come say hello!

Ego Likeness
Hopeful Machines
Bella Morte
The Rain Within
Spider Lilies

Everyone will have merchandise for their individual bands for sale, as well as the big Distortion Productions table where you can pick up your own copy of Electronic Saviors 3. There will be ES2 comps available as well. (Sorry, no ES1 available, they’re now collectors items)

ES2 Comp-$30
ES3 Comp-$30
All shirts $20
Posters $5
Wristbands $3
Various Distortion Distro CDs $7-$12


Jim Semonik a.k.a. DJ Hiem always brings energy and great music to Spellbound’s dance floor…so since he’s the captain of the Electronic Savior’s ship… he’ll be in the booth rockin’ your boots off for most of the night.

Musicians in the other bands are multi-talented too… so we’re going to feature DJ sets from some of them as well.

~ Steven Archer (Ego Likeness, Hopeful Machines, Stoneburner)
~ Mindcage Rick (Ego Likeness, Mindless Faith)
~ Andy Deane (Bella Morte, The Rain Within)
~ Chad a.k.a. DJ Rift (Spider Lilies)
~ CheetahDave (Xuberx)

Our bar offers great specials in addition to the cheapest cocktails and biggest draft beers in the entire 18th Street area. Bring your friends, drink on the cheap… and dance the night away!

Join us for an outstanding evening of friends, music and dancing at DC’s most consistent and longest, continuously running goth/industrial event currently in operation!

As always, Spellbound is THE place to be Saturday night in DC!

Don’t forget to check out Club 90 the first Thursday of every month
and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang the second and fourth Wednesdays!

Remember Spellbound is EVERY Saturday!

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Sideshow Toys Death’s Siren from the Court of the Dead statue series


Sideshow: Court of the Dead - Gallevarbe Death’s Siren

Компания Sideshow вплотную занялась линейкой Court of the Dead и представила следующую статую в премиум формате -Gallevarbe Death’s Siren. Цена: 399,99 $ (без учета доставки). Размеры: высота 61 см, длина 30,5 см, глубина 28 см. Релиз: май 2015. На днях компания Sideshow запустила в работу новый сайт целиком посвященный Court of the Dead. И как можно увидеть нас ждет очень большое количество интересных релизов в “мертвяцкой” линейке. Подробнее…